Dream Plug helps you to optimize financial, operational, regulatory, and technology systems and processes. We provide the best oilfield services to our clients to respond to the challenges they face today, including helping organizations restructure and emerge stronger. We help our clients to gain confidence even in the most challenging times by managing key risks and opportunities in creative ways.

We offer our clients a full range of service to the Offshore, Marine, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Industrial Structures with Surface Preparation, Painting, Coating, and Rental of Equipment with Operators.

Oil and gas exploration often occurs in some of the most remote places with the severe conditions in the world. Hence oil field services companies are at the leading edge of adapting technology and leveraging engineering expertise to deal with these terrific conditions. The current state of oil prices has billions of dollars in fixed costs in the form of infrastructure, yet specialized machinery and facilities idle as Energy and Production clients scale back operations. In this environment, oilfield service providers are focusing on streamlining their operations without cutting corners on regulatory requirements or employee safety.

Our unsurpassable standards of quality delivered by our closely knitted workforce, along with location advantage, adoption of the latest technology to provide better support, make us one of the leading oil field service providers in UAE.

At Dream Plug, we ensure a safe working environment and better health protection in all operational areas. We have also ventured into the supply of equipment and services along with the operators to support our clients.

For many years we have led the field in safe, reliable, surface-controlled downhole interventions. We also have expanded our range of custom-made solutions and turned complex interventions, including our trailblazing tractor-based conveyance and subsequent robotic downhole innovations, into standard operations. Without any hesitation we can say that Dream Plug is one of the best Oil Field service providers in Dubai.

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Best Blasting And Painting Services In UAE

Dream Plug is one of the best service providers in blasting, painting, and corrosion protection in Dubai, UAE. We are always committed to providing the best possible services to our clients.

Due to high demand from our regular customers, Dream Plug has set up an in-house facility for carrying out blasting and painting jobs. We also provide auto blast M/C for pipes. Dream plug is equipped with airless spray pumps with qualified and well-experienced painters for the application of industrial-type 3 coat and 2 coat epoxy systems, Ceram Kote, Baltoflake and chemflake paints. We have in house inspection facilities for WFT, DFT check, adhesion test, Pinhole test as applicable. We also supply the surface preparation equipment for Blasting and Painting Operations.

We have been active in the field of corrosion science and technology by providing corrosion control and protective coating solutions. Dream Plug has grown into a company dedicated to promoting awareness about corrosion, its effects, and control. We take pride in being one of the best companies in the UAE to provide corrosion management solutions.

Our technicians are multi-skilled and experienced, hence with minimal client support or supervision, we can complete each project successfully. Our facility, infrastructure, and assets made us one of the industry’s best blasting and painting services providers in UAE and we professionally present ourselves to ensure our presence enhances our client’s business. No matter how big the project is! We are pioneers among oilfield service providers in the UAE.

Along with oilfield services in UAE we can offer you CNC cutting services for Aluminium, Wood, composite panel MDF Acrylic, Stainless steel, Mild steel etc. We are also well known as the best waterproofing and crack injection company in UAE. Why waiting for more Just contact DreamPlug.

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