Basement Waterproofing

Dream Plug will provide you the solution for your wet basement. We are one of the best waterproofing company in the UAE. Reach us to prevent your belongings from damaging. We always create a comprehensive solution for all our customers. Every basement structure and situation are different hence we need to know where the moisture could come from.

We use three methods to cope with your basement problems:

◉   Interior Sealants and Waterproofing

We use special sealant materials to seal the cracks in the concrete foundations. We also apply concrete waterproofing coating to the concrete walls in the basement.

◉   Exterior Waterproofing

The major advantage of exterior waterproofing is to prevent moisture from damaging the foundation. After excavation around the home to the bottom of the foundation, we apply the waterproofing coating to the walls and then redirect the water down to the drain system.

◉   Interior and Exterior Drainage

We will set up a proper sump pump system in your basement to pumps the water out from your home, thus we keep away the water from entering your home.

Wall Waterproofing

Dream Plug will help you to protect your wall from any type of water seepage. We provide both internal and external wall waterproofing services. Whatever is the reason for the dampness in the wall, we will find out the reason in a professional way and give you the immediate solution.

There are a lot of reasons behind this water seepage like cracks in walls, plaster damage, gap left between window frames and masonry during masonry work etc. But don’t worry we can fix it without breaking the wall plaster to reach the brick level to waterproof it.

We use the waterproof coating with a quick-drying property. So, it takes less time to apply the coating and hence the job can be done quickly. The waterproofing coating that we use is tough but flexible. Coating is twice as thick as normal paint and it resists the algae and fungus.

The exterior paints that seems fancy and has a thickness of only 50-60 microns are available in the market. But this level of thickness does not provide much resistance to the water pressure. Hence, we use waterproofing coating that is as thick as 110-120 microns to provide enough resistance to water pressure.

Water tank Waterproofing

Leakage in overhead and underground tanks and the growth of algae and fungus make your health and structure of tank weak and unstable. But don’t get tensed if you are facing this problem, we are always here to help you; we not only prevent your structure from collapsing but at the same time we make the water in the tank safe for drinking.

Before applying a waterproofing solution, we do an initial cleaning of dirt and other particles from the surface to make the area smooth. Then using a thin mortar we repair the cracks or any other damages. Once the filling becomes dry, the first waterproofing coating is applied using a trowel and the second coating after 4 hours. This is a cement-based coating and is highly flexible from inside and outside.

For drinking water tanks we use a renowned product for waterproofing so that it will not hamper the taste, color, and quality of water and is 100% safe for your health.

Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Leakage in swimming pools is frustrating but don’t worry we are here to address your frustration more professionally. Dream Plug is one of the best waterproofing company in Dubai, UAE. The cement-based products are the ideal products for treating leakage in swimming pools. Hence, we use the same for the solutions. Before applying waterproofing material, we find the cause of leakage using underwater magic products. There are a lot of reasons for the leakage like holes, honeycombing, damage concrete or joints between vertical walls and ground etc. Once the reason is found out we clean the surface before applying the waterproofing material.

We apply 3 layers of waterproofing coating. The second and third layer is applied only after the first layer has dried. Tests are conducted to make sure that the treated area has successfully become watertight.

Crack Injection

Took a good look at any concrete structure, and you can see at least one crack on that. While it is easy to lay the blame on materials or human error, the reality is that concrete is a material that gets crack at some stage. This will happen, even if we gave utmost care during the construction.

So now let’s think what options are there for remedying the issue when cracks do form in concrete?</>

Of course, a long-lasting solution for cracks is to replace the offending section of concrete. This, however, can take up considerable amounts of time and money. If the repair work needs to be carried out on infrastructure that’s used frequently, the time taken for repairs is even more precious. A lengthy process would cause a near-unacceptable number of disruptions to the people or businesses that use the project. Structures such as bridges and car parks, for example, are often used daily – shutting them down for extensive repairs would be a logistical nightmare. Though a larger network of cracks may require a full replacement of concrete, smaller cracks in fewer numbers can be easily and conveniently repaired through crack injection.

As every job site has different conditions, Dream Plug has created several materials to meet the needs of a variety of environments.

Whether for structural repair or waterproof sealing needs, Dream Plug line of products, including epoxy and polyurethane resins, provide a high-quality tool that will aid in any crack injection project. You can call us at any time to solve any type of crack issues. We can confidently say that we are the best crack injection service provider in UAE.

Along with this waterproofing and crack injection services we provide total interior solutions including best fitout servicesclassy look furnituresCNC cutting services and Steel fabrication services. Apart from this we also provide best oilfield services in UAE.